The Rimmel family is living the all-American dream.

The Rimmel brothers first fell in love with traditional German food while growing up in the city, Leverkusen. After dissatisfaction with their jobs in Germany, the three brothers and two of their wives packed up their bags, moved to Utah, and pursued their dreams of opening a restaurant.

Employee, Miriam Rimmel, said, “We wanted a new adventure. It’s always been a dream of theirs to start their own business. Me and Jana, the other wife, are very supportive.”

As Latter-Day Saints of The Church of Jesus Christ, the family believed they could capitalize on Utah’s market and cater to a large audience—including returned missionaries who attend school at Brigham Young University or reside in the Provo/Orem area.

Miriam discussed why their restaurant attracts a widespread audience. “We decided to come here and basically bring it over for all of those people that have served missions in Europe, because it’s a really big thing in all of Europe, not just in Germany.”

Along with a unique story, customers love the authenticity of the menu items.  

Customer, Timothy Gish, said, “They just have really good flavor and the people are real nice serving you.”

The family hand makes their authentic German cuisine each day using fresh ingredients.

Rimmel’s is known for their döners and döner boxes. While traditionally a Turkish food, it is a popular German street item. The döners are comprised of veggies, red cabbage, chicken or lamb, and their bread is even imported all the way from Germany.

They now have two locations. Their Orem location opened in September 2017, and their Provo restaurant opened in May 2018. They are now working to seal a spot in Salt Lake City.

Go check out Rimmel’s at 575 East University Parkway in Orem, or 27 W. 100 North in Provo.

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