Flu Season Approaching


The peak of flu season is just around the corner, and although the flu shot is the best option for preventing the illness, there are a few other options for staying healthy.

“Kids like to share things, that’s how they get it,” Astrid Flores, the Health Clerk at Provo Peaks Elementary School, said.  “The most important thing is to wash hands, and use hand sanitizer.”

When it comes to choosing between the two, opinions on the best option vary. However, a recent study in Spain found hand sanitizer is more effective in children under three. “For the most part, soap and water is still the best option,” Dr Keith Wilmore said. For adults,  when it comes to picking between hand sanitizer or soap and water, go with the soap.

Dr. Keith Willmore works at Brigham Young University’s Student Health Center. Back in 2009, the Health Center saw an average of 10,000 patients for the Swine Flu. During a normal flu season, they see an average of 1,000 patients. “By the time a loved one gets sick, it’s too late to consider a flu shot. Flu shots take somewhere between two to three weeks to be effective,” Dr. Willmore said.

A side from getting a flu shot, keeping your hands clean is the next best option. “The only thing you can do is wash your hands good, especially after you’ve interacted with them and before you go out in public,” Dr. Willmore said. The simple rule can help keep everyone happy and healthy.

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