According to a new report from Cushman and Wakefield, Provo, Utah tops the list of North America’s fastest growing tech employment markets.

The number of people working in Provo’s tech industry has increased nearly 65 percent in the past eight years. Far surpassing the national average listed at 16 percent.

The tech industry is defined as businesses who specialize in manufacturing electronics, creating software and any computer products and services related to information technology.

Vivint employee, Carter Blaise, credited creativity to the growth of the industry. “The innovation is what is causing us to hire so many more people. I see new faces every time. There are a countless number of people who work here.”

The companies also satisfy their employees’ needs by offering job security.

“One of the biggest worries in our day and age is if you’re going to get fired or laid off or if it’s a dying industry. The tech industry definitely is not one of those,” said Blaise.

Provo’s population of 117,000 made it the smallest city on the list. The tech industry accounts for nearly 11 percent of Provo’s total employment. The report also found the booming tech industry is impacting the commercial real estate market. With property prices increasing an average of 59 percent since 2010.

Qualtrics, Vivint, Chatbooks and Simplifile are just a few of the tech companies who call Provo home. Opportunities with these local startups are another reason for expansion in the industry.

Carson Hinckley, an intern at XLR8 Development, credited local startups for his passion in the tech world. “I think working for a startup is ideal for any student or anyone coming out of college because it gives you the opportunity to learn so many different skills that will help you in future professions,” said Hinckley.

The tech industry has added more than one million jobs from 2010 to 2018, showing no signs of slowing down.

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