Police Beat: April 21-29



Criminal Mischief

April 25 – An individual reported graffiti on a brick wall at the MTC.


April 23 – An individual working with a customer service department at the Harman Building reported receiving harassing phone calls.


April 21 – An individual at the MTC reported receiving a threatening message over the Internet.


April 22 – An officer responded to a report of an individual in a closed area in the HFAC. The individual and others were located and were cooperative. They had simply not realized the time and left the area.

April 23 – Officers responded to a report of a banned individual at the Creamery on Ninth. The individual was escorted from the area.


Domestic Violence

April 21 – Police responded to a home in Provo where a 48-year-old woman had been shot by her husband. The woman suffered three gunshot wounds but is expected to survive. The shooter was found dead inside the home.

Missing Persons

April 29 – Police are searching for 13-year-old Thomas Caldwell, who was last seen April 29 about 1 p.m. at Lion’s Park. He is 5 feet tall with a skinny build, has a nearly shaved head and was last seen wearing a white shirt, black pants, a red tie and black shoes. Contact Provo Police with any information.



April 23 – Police arrested a woman on a aggravated assault charge for chasing a man with a knife at the UTA Trax station.


April 23 – Police stopped a car for not having insurance and found methamphetamine and marijuana.

April 23 – Police stopped a car for having revoked registration. The driver tried to leave on foot but was stopped. Police smelled weed on the driver and found marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms. The driver was arrested for DUI, possession with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, not having a driver’s license and for having a revoked registration.

April 23 – Police stopped a car with a broken brake light and found bags of methamphetamine inside a full bottle of motor oil.

April 23 – Police talked to an arguing man and woman. The woman was carrying a lockbox she said had marijuana residue in it. She wouldn’t let police look inside of it, so they wrote a search warrant for it. She was arrested when they found methamphetamine and marijuana inside and when they discovered her real name was associated with warrants.

April 24 – Police responded to a report of two people smoking marijuana in a car on Geneva Road. When they arrived, they found marijuana and DAB and discovered one man had a $25,000 warrant. One man was cited and the other man was arrested.

April 24 – Police responded to a call about a woman who had been in a tanning bed too long. Police discovered she had several warrants out for her arrest, and she appeared to be under the influence when awoken.

Domestic Violence

April 23 – Police responded to a report of a family fight. They suspected the wife of assaulting the husband, but when they tried to arrest, she kicked and head-butted an officer. She was arrested on several charges.


April 24 – Police stopped a car for weaving in and out of the travel lane. The driver was arrested for DUI and a warrant.

Missing Persons

April 25 – Police are looking for 75-year-old Robert Flygare, who was last seen April 25 in the area of 600 S 700 W in a green, button-up shirt and jeans. He may be disoriented or have a medical issue. Call Orem Police with any information.


April 23 – Packages were stolen off a porch near 100 N 1000 E.

April 24 – A man was cited for shoplifting at Smith’s when he tried to leave with a T-bone steak down his pants.

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