Mormon missionaries injured in Spain


Church spokesperson Daniel Woodruff released the following statement regarding four missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission who were injured in a collision on Feb. 26:

“Four missionaries serving in the Spain Malaga Mission were injured in a collision with a truck Monday evening, February 26. The missionaries were riding in a vehicle driven by a man they had been teaching. Elder Mason T. Heninger, age 20, from Cardston, Canada, and Elder Gabriel E. Inesta Olmo, age 19, from Bayamon, Puerto Rico, were seriously injured and required surgery. Both missionaries are stable and recovering.

Elder Caden K. Randall, age 18, from Kaysville, Utah, and Elder Hunter J. Bushman, age 19, from Farmington, Utah, both sustained minor injuries. The driver of the vehicle with the missionaries is reported to be in serious condition. We invite all people of faith to offer prayers on behalf of those involved.”

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