Police Beat Oct. 17-24



Criminal mischief

Oct. 19 – An individual in Wyview reported a cable lock cut and attempted removal of a tire.


Oct. 20 – An individual reported continuous phone calls from an unknown person.


Oct. 17 – A male student reported a $100-value bike stolen from the Cannon Center. The bicycle has been entered into the nation stolen article database.

Oct. 17 – A male individual reported a $130-value bike that had been secured with a cable lock stolen from the Smith Field House bike rack.

Oct. 19 – An individual reported a bicycle stolen. It was located later that day.



Oct. 19 – A man went through a bank drive-through to use an ATM. Upon taking the dispensed money, another man pulled up and let out a woman who then stole the money. Officers searched the area and have been unable to find the suspects.

Gun violence

Oct. 18 – Two officers responded to a reported suspicious occupied vehicle. Four people who appeared to be minors were in the car. After speaking to them, the officers decided to let them go with no action taken. However, one of the officers discovered one of the vehicle’s occupants had given a false name. When the officer confronted the passenger, the passenger opened the door and pulled out what appeared to be a gun. The second officer was close enough to grab the gun and arrest the passenger while the passenger shouted at the officers to kill him. The gun was then found to be a BB gun.

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