Solutions to 2017 Orientation Edition puzzles


Here are the solutions to the Orientation Edition which was released on Tuesday, August 29, 2017:

Page 5: Choose the right flavor
BYU Creamery Ice Cream Flavors
1. Carmel Cashew: A
2. Cherry Rockwood: N
3. Earnestly Chocolate: O
4. German Chocolate Crunch: D
5. Mint Brownie: L
6. Pistachio: B
7. Pralines and Caramel: H
8. Raspberry Lemonade Sherbet: E
9. Really Raspberry: I
10. Rose’s Sneakerdoodle: G
11. Salted Carmel Pretzel Twist: M
12. Strawberry Sundae Crunch: J
13. Tin Roof Sundae: C
14. Vanilla: F
15. Whoosh Cecil: K

Page 7: Picture scramble

Page 10: STAC classes word search

Page 12: Shape sudoku


Page 15: Finding the prophets

A. Ezra Taft Benson
B. Gordon B. Hinckley
C. Heber J. Grant
D. Joseph Smith
E. John Taylor
F. Spencer W. Kimball
G. Harold B. Lee
H. George Albert Smith
I. Joseph F. Smith
J. David O. McKay

Page 26: Can you keep up at the candy counter?
1. Chocolate cinnamon bears: D
2. Chocolate sea salt popcorn: 12
3. Coconut haystack: H
4. Cougar taffy: A
5. English toffee: J
6. German chocolate fudge: C
7. Jordan almonds: I
8. Mint truffles: B
9. Mountain tops: K
10. Mudpie: F
11. Peanut butter cup: G
12. Sea foam: E

Page 27: Navigating the HFAC

Page 30: Which Y is correct?
D is the correct stretch Y.

Page 31: Ring check
B has a wedding ring on.

Page 32: Highlighter practice: Color by number

Page 34: Y Decoder

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