Last-minute vacation tips to make your life easier


College students may love planning last-minute vacations though the process can be a challenge. Key components of a spontaneous trip are likely to be finding a place to be with friends that has interesting activities and affordable airfare. To make the process run smoother, here are five tips to make last-minute vacation planning fun, easy and cheap.

Camping can be an option to a hotel when trying to save money on a last-minute vacation.

It is easier and more cost effective to book available flights and find other types of transportation to your vacation destination on a weekday versus a weekend. Specifically, when looking at airfare, try to book on Tuesday and/or Wednesday. The closer to the weekend it gets, the less available seating gets and prices tend to rise.

  1. Timeshare rentals are an option to hotels

Hotels can be impossible to book, especially when planning for a last-minute trip. They’re expensive, and depending on how many people are vacationing with you, you might need multiple rooms. Last minute timeshare rentals are a great option when planning a last-minute vacation because they can be booked online and reservations are guaranteed, they’re also perfect for students because they are usually about 70% cheaper than other average advertised accommodation rates. Timeshare rentals are more spacious and luxurious than a hotel offering full kitchens, private balconies, multiple bedrooms, and spacious living rooms, plus you’ll also gain access to high-end resort amenities like restaurants, pools, and spas. Timeshares give you a lot of flexibility when planning a last-minute vacation because they are available across the globe, so depending on what’s available at the time of booking, you can go nearly anywhere for a fraction of the price. One website to consider when searching for a timeshare is

  1. Let social media and online deal offers help

Social media is a great tool that connects us all, but it can also help you find cheap airfare and great vacation spots for last-minute vacations. Whether that be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, there are travel sites and blogs everywhere with promo codes and travel discounts that are waiting for you to use them. Twitter is a great place to start and has tons of travel accounts. Accounts to consider are JetBlueCheaps and CheapFlights.

  1. Consider camping

If you and your friends are just looking to get away for a period of time but not sure what to door where to go on your last-minute vacation, camping can be a great option. It is quick and easy to plan and all you need are some sleeping bags, hot dogs, and a bonfire. Check out your local national parks or camping grounds for more information.

  1. Email is still a thing

Signing up for last minute travel e-newsletters are super helpful when planning last minute vacations. They provide great insight and ideas on where to go and what to do. These e-newsletters are also notorious for getting you some of the best deals on airfare and transportation costs.

Story by Kathryn Taylor, who works for by-owner resale company

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