Police Beat: March 27–April 3




March 29 – A student reported that a female student was physically assaulted over dating issues while at the Jesse Knight Building. The suspect is a male student.

March 29 – A male student received a call from an unknown female suspect threatening to punch him.

March 28 – An officer responded to a report of a male being punched in the back at the Missionary Training Center. The assault was falsely reported.


March 28 – A BYU employee reported a possible fraud due to the rerouting of an email.

Criminal mischief

March 25 – A student reported several individuals throwing eggs on the pathway of the Botany Pond on Maeser Hill. It turned out the individuals were harmlessly throwing rocks.

March 24 – A student reported individuals breaking off branches and damaging trees at Helaman Halls.  Several people were in the area, but nobody saw who damaged the trees. The cost of damages was $100.



March 30 – Provo police were searching for a male suspect in connection with a knife attack. One victim was stabbed in the back while trying to flee and another was punched in the face. The suspect voluntarily came to the police station to speak with investigators.



March 30 – A home in northwest Orem was burglarized while the homeowner was in jail. Officers are reviewing surveillance.


March 30 – An officer found a man who was hanging out around Midtown 360, an apartment complex in Orem. The man was intoxicated and relieved himself in the parking lot. He was cited for intoxication and lewdness.


March 30 – An officer found a hit and run suspect, stopped him and found out that he was impaired. He failed the field sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI.

March 27 – A man was arrested for DUI. He was involved in an injury accident.

March 27 – An officer stopped a man who was suspected of driving under the influence. The driver was arrested and taken to jail.


March 30 – A man called to report his car had been stolen from a business in south Orem. Officers listed it stolen until they got a call from the owner saying he remembered where he parked it and it was still there.

March 27 – A woman was cited after she was caught shoplifting at Animal Ark.

March 27 – An employee at a local retailer was cited for theft after she was caught stealing a phone that had been turned in to the lost and found.

March 27 – A man was caught shoplifting at Costco a few weeks ago. As part of the process, he was banned from Costco. Orem officers were called when the man tried to re-enter Costco. When officers arrived, the man took off running. He was caught a short distance away and was arrested.


March 30 – An officer stopped a car for an equipment problem. While the officer was talking to the driver, he smelled marijuana. The passenger gave up his marijuana and was cited.

March 30 – An officer stopped a car for an equipment problem. The driver had a suspended driver’s license, no car insurance and the registration on the vehicle had been revoked. When the officer searched the car, he found some marijuana that belonged to one of the passengers. She was cited.

 March 30 – A woman called because she had lent her car to someone, and he hadn’t returned it. An officer found out the man that had the car had several warrants out for his arrest. Officers waited for the man, but when the man saw the officers, he took off on foot. He was arrested after officers found him in possession of meth.

March 27 – Six juveniles decided to skip school and smoke marijuana. When they saw police officers, three of the kids took off. The three were caught and they were all released to their parents. Charges are forthcoming.

March 27 – An officer stopped a car and smelled marijuana. One of the passengers gave up the marijuana and other drug paraphernalia. She was cited.

March 27 – An officer stopped a car and suspected the driver might be holding some drugs, so he brought a police dog out to search. He found the man’s meth and other drug paraphernalia. The man was cited.

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