Police Beat: March 6–13




March 8 – A female student reported continued stalking from a male near the Jesse Knight Building.

Vehicle Burglary

March 7 – A student reported a vehicle burglary at the parking lot near the intramural fields. A backpack with clothing was taken, estimated to be worth around $120.  


March 7 – A student reported conflicts between her two roommates at Heritage Halls.


March 6 – A female student reported continual unwanted contact from a man. 

March 6 – A female BYU employee reported receiving a phone call from an unknown individual who made inappropriate sexual comments.


March 4 – A student reported a hoodie and some keys taken from the Richards Building. The property was worth $225.

Criminal Mischief

March 2 – A student riding a scooter in the lot near Haws Field reported being hit by an egg thrown by one of three juveniles — two girls and a boy. The juveniles will be charged.

March 3 – A student reported vandalism to a vehicle in the parking lot near Haws Field, with windows broken and a duffle bag stolen from inside. The total damage was about $400. 



March 6 – An officer stopped a car this weekend for racing. He clocked the car at over 100 mph.


March 10 – A man was arrested after breaking into a home’s garage with the intent of stealing the vehicles inside. The homeowner saw the man and confronted him. The confrontation became physical and the man punched the homeowner in the face. The homeowner was also shoved against the vehicle, damaging the paint. The man was eventually subdued and arrested.


Drug Paraphernalia

March 7 – An officer stopped a car and could smell marijuana. The driver forfeited his marijuana and was given a ticket.

March 7 – An officer stopped a car and the driver was cited for possession of marijuana.


March 7 – A man went into Out N Back, bought $328 worth of items and wrote a check. He gave the name of an Orem officer as his name and the Orem police dispatch office number as his phone number. The check did not clear. Officers identified the suspect, went to his mom’s house and arrested the man.


March 7 – A woman reported finding a crashed motorcycle in front of her house. The motorcycle had been stolen and had blood on it. Some of the responding officers remembered dealing with a man a short time before, just a few houses away, with blood all over his hands. Officers obtained a search warrant for the man’s home and took a sample of the man’s blood. The man was arrested.


March 6 – Orem officers responded to a report of a man being beaten up. Some neighbors heard two friends arguing and called the police when one man started to beat the other with a snow shovel. When officers arrived, they found the aggressor had poured gas into his friend’s van and lit it on fire. The fire was put out before it caused much damage. Officers found out the aggressor had consumed a large amount of heroin earlier in the day.

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