Police Beat: Jan. 30–Feb. 6



Criminal Mischief 

Jan. 27 – A male employee reported chalk graffiti on the retaining walls of the Maeser Building. The paint shop was contacted to clean and repair damage to the area.

Jan. 27 – A student reported that an unknown individual had scratched words into the side of a vehicle in the parking lot north of the Indoor Practice Facility. University Police found video surveillance of a man scratching the car. He was identified, arrested and given a criminal citation.

Jan. 30 – A male employee reported that a vehicle was driven on the grass near Helaman Halls, causing an estimated $200 worth of damage to the area. Police were able to identify the vehicle and cite the man who was driving.


Feb. 2 – A man received a fraudulent check from a fictitious company.


Feb. 2 – A female student reported being harassed via text messages by a male. He was given a no-contact order.


Feb. 2 – A male employee reported that a man was having an emotional episode and yelling near the Joseph F. Smith Building.


Sexual Assault

Feb. 3 – A man was arrested and booked into Utah County Jail for reportedly sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl.



Jan. 30 – A man was cited for theft after he was caught taking a fountain drink without paying for it at a local Maverik gas station.

Jan. 30 – Orem police recovered a truck that had been stolen in Salt Lake City. It was returned to its owner.

Jan. 30 – Two juvenile females were caught shoplifting at the University Mall. They were released to their parents.

Missing Item

Jan. 30 – A man was riding his motorcycle when he lost a handgun from his holster. The gun was reported as missing.

DUI/Drug Paraphernalia

Jan. 30 – Police stopped a woman who was driving with the taillights out on her car. The woman appeared to be under the influence of drugs, so the officer did some tests. It appeared she was under the influence of an illegal drug. The woman was arrested with a DUI. While she was at the police station, an officer saw something sticking out of the top of her shirt. When asked what it was, the woman seemed surprised that there was anything there. She pulled the item, which was a meth pipe, out of her shirt and said, “What, how did that get there?” She came to the conclusion that a man she had been with the night before left behind the drug paraphernalia found in her car and the pipe without her knowledge. Because the woman was nine months pregnant, she was cited and released.

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