Police Beat: June 16-23




June 22 — Sometime in the past month a male student’s $400 tandem bike, locked with a U-lock, was stolen from the bike racks by Building 7 in Heritage Halls.

June 16 — A male student’s Ray-Ban sunglasses were stolen from his parked car at Wymount Terrace. The glasses were valued at $250.

June 16 — A male discovered the right rear tire of his car was stolen during the day. The tire was valued at $200. There are no suspects.

June 16 — Parents reported that their son’s K2 mountain bike was stolen back in May. The bike was locked with a cable lock and valued at $200.


June 17 — A university department’s campus card went missing and later was used to purchase $6.84 of food at Chick-fil-A. The card has been deactivated.


June 17 — A boy was playing ping-pong in the Wilkinson Student Center when he noticed a friend making crude gestures at some girls. He punched his friend in the face. No further violence occurred and the boys were disciplined by their camp counselors.



June 23 — Provo Police pulled over a car with two individuals for making an illegal U-turn, according to the Daily Herald. The car was stolen from Phoenix and inside the vehicle was an open container of alcohol, marijuana and marijuana pipes. Both individuals were booked into jail.


Warrant Arrest

June 22 — An Orem officer approached a male panhandler after the male was seen going into traffic to get money. The officer took down his information and found the male had three no-bail warrants. The male tried to run away from the officer but was caught and booked into jail.


June 21 — A boy, who allegedly smoked marijuana, attempted to hide his drug use from his parents by stealing eyedrops to hide the redness of his eyes. He was caught while shoplifting the eyedrops. The boy was charged and released to his parents.

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