Provo leaders break ground on new courthouse

An artist’s rendition of new courthouse. The project is expected to be finished in the fall of 2018.

City officials, lawmakers, construction workers and engineers gathered to break ground on a new, $87 million Provo courthouse at the corner of 200 North and Freedom Boulevard.

The groundbreaking ceremony only lasted half an hour, but the effects will be felt for years to come. The new courthouse will provide better facilities for the Provo District Court as well as the Provo and Orem Juvenile Courts.

Dan Becker, the Utah State Court Administrator, spoke on the importance of the building in Provo. “When completed, the new courthouse will provide judges, court staff, attorneys and, most importantly, the public with a modern court facility for conducting the state’s business,” Becker said. He then emphasized that the state’s business is the people’s business as well.

Utah Supreme Court Chief Justice Matthew Durrant also addressed the crowd and said he felt privileged to be there. “This building that we will construct will be a testament to the value the citizens of Utah place on the rule of law,” Durrant said.

He said people would bring their grievances and problems to the courthouse searching for solutions. “Justice will be done within the walls of this building,” Durrant said.

Provo Mayor John Curtis participated in the event as well. He said the new courthouse will greatly benefit the city of Provo.

“It’s a great project for Provo, both from an economic development standpoint and a quality of life standpoint,” Curtis said. “It gives people who come and use the courts a beautiful building and modern facilities. It gives the judges and everybody that works here a great place to work.”

Officials at the ceremony said they expect the building to be completed in the fall of 2018. The new facilities will not be the only benefit of the courthouse. Curtis said it has one added benefit: “It beautifies our skyline.”

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