Top 10 plays of BYU football independence


BYU football has had some very memorable and amazing plays during its time in independence so without further ado, here are our top 10 plays of BYU football independence.

#1 – The Miracle at Memorial. Freshman Tanner Mangum’s last second heave into the end zone is caught by wide receiver Mitch Mathews to give the Cougars the win.








#2 – How about another Hail Mary? The Cougars secured their second win of the 2015 season against Boise State with a second successful Hail Mary in a row.






#3 – The leap of faith. Taysom Hill showed of his athletic prowess against Texas for the second year in row by leaping over a Texas defender.






#4 – Taysom’s takeover against Texas in 2013. Hill rushed for 259 yards to to single handily take down the Longhorns.






#5 – Cody Hoffman’s crazy grab against Georgia Tech. Hoffman was able to secure an amazing catch in the end zone even though he had a Georgia Tech defender draped over his back.






#6 – Goal line stand against Boise State in 2012. The Cougars defense held the Broncos for four downs even though the Broncos were within the five-yard line.






#7 – Kyle Van Noy’s Poinsettia Bowl hit six. Defensive back Kyle Van Noy tackled the San Diego State quarterback in the end zone knocking the ball out which led to an immediate touchdown for the Cougars.






#8 – Kyle Van Noy’s Poinsettia Bowl pick six. In the same bowl game, Van Noy intercepted the ball and ran the ball back for a Cougar touchdown.






#9 – Nelson saves the day. Riley Nelson threw a last second, deflected touchdown pass for the come-from-behind win against Utah State in 2011.






#10 – No helmet, no problem. A BYU lineman lost his helmet but that didn’t stop him from laying out a Tulsa defender to protect his quarterback in this 2011 game.


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