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Huffington Post Pollster

The first real votes in the 2016 presidential election will be cast in Iowa on Monday evening. Things couldn’t be hotter even with a snowstorm bearing over the state set to hit Monday and Tuesday.

Until the final tally is given for the primaries and caucuses, all one can do is guess at what the outcome will be and follow the polls.

Huffington Post’s Pollster aggregates poll data from several pollsters over the course of the last few months and illustrates where candidates stand in the polls.

The 2016 Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus poll by the Huffington Post show Donald Trump in the lead, garnering about 31 percent of responses, and Ted Cruz fielding about 24 percent of responses.

Huffington Post Pollster also shows a very close primary race in Iowa on the Democratic side. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has lost major ground over the last several months in Iowa and is now neck-and-neck with independent-turned-Democrat Bernie Sanders. Depending on the poll, the edge in varying degrees is given to either candidate. But most appear to give a slight edge to Clinton.


The website ISideWith.com provides real time polling results for its online polling efforts, partially fueled by a successful social media campaign surrounding their “who-to-vote-for” quiz titled “2016 Presidential Election.” The website claims that over 27 million participants have been matched with a candidate.

ISideWith.com’s “2016 Republican Primary Results from Iowa voters” holds Trump in the lead holding about 31 percent of respondents, Marco Rubio in second at about 20 percent and Ted Cruz at about 18 percent.

On the Democratic Primary side, ISideWith.com shows Sanders taking in 61 percent of poll respondents and Clinton capturing 37 percent of respondents. Unusually, this polls show that two percent of voters are voting for Joe Biden, who is not an official candidate.

Overall, 3.7 million votes on ISideWith.com purports to show that the following candidates taking the following percentages of respondents votes:

  1. Bernie Sanders – 23 percent
  2. Donald Trump – 22 percent
  3. Hillary Clinton – 15 percent
  4. Marco Rubio – 10 percent
  5. Ted Cruz – 10 percent

In Utah, ISideWith.com claims that Bernie Sanders holds 23 percent of the overall vote with Donald Trump at 16 percent.


The statistic crunching website FiveThirtyEight.com projects that Trump has a 46 percent of winning in Iowa, Cruz a 39 percent chance of winning and Rubio with a 14 percent chance of winning.

On the Democratic primary, FiveThirtyEight.com estimates that Clinton has a 67 percent chance of winning in Iowa with Sanders trailing at a 33 percent chance of winning.

FiveThirtyEight.com combines things like endorsements, polls, fundraising totals, and national polls to create primary election forecasts.

2016 Election Calendar

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