A taste of ethnic food


PROVO — Food is one of those things that some people say helps them keep memories
alive. But some say finding the ingredients to make that food isn’t always easy.

For people who have had international experiences it can be a little more difficult than you might think. However, there are several ethnic food stores in Provo that sell items you won’t find just anywhere.

One thing Eddie Mergist enjoys is eating food from his mission. Mergist learned how to make curry while serving in Kobe, Japan. As he chops potatoes, slices chicken, and mixes in curry spices, he remembers the culture that surrounded him in Japan.

“Really you can’t capture the authentic-ness of that culture with the food you’re going to get at your local grocery store. You’ve got to get authentic food from the authentic markets,” Mergist said.

While some local stores carry basic items, other ingredients are only found in the ethnic food stores. As people walk into these local food markets they see a wide selection of international foods that customers say they’ve been looking for.

At stores like the Asian Market, customers say they can find fresh produce, frozen items, spices, and treats from all around the world. Store employees say they’re at hand to help customers find ingredients in the large selection available.

Alyssa Gidewell says she’s come to the Asian Market several times. She says having stores like this close by is a good thing.

“I really like Japanese food. These are the only kinds of places where you can really get that sort of things,” Gidewell said.

Ethinc food store managers say their customers include people with international ties, college students, and others who are just looking for something new.

Provo has several ethnic food stores that focus on Asian cuisine, Indian food, and Hispanic food; you just have to look for them. Whatever the case may be, customers seem to enjoy having international food available locally.

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