BYU football player gets tattoo of playing position

BYU football player Matt Foley. Foley attended Temecula Valley High School and recently sat 10 hours for a tattoo of himself long snapping. (Facebook)

BYU freshman and football long snapper Matt Foley got a tattoo this weekend. It didn’t say “Mom,” and it wasn’t his last name scrawled across his back.

Foley’s left upper arm is now covered in a full-color tattoo of his football position.

Foley’s cousin is a professional tattoo artist in New Mexico, and Foley only paid $200 for the tattoo. He said he will not receive any more tattoos until after his college career.

The tattoo took 10 hours to complete, and this is Foley’s first tattoo. He planned on getting this tattoo for a few years. Foley attended Temecula Valley High School in Temecula, California, and he incorporated that into his tattoo.

“I love being the long snapper, and it’s gotten me so far in my life, and I wouldn’t be where I am without it,” Foley said. “The background is the back half of the TVHS stadium, and that is there to represent my high school years and all the great times I’ve had. I love TVHS, and no one can change where I went to high school.”

Foley was quick on the defense, tweeting that “you all think I care what you think” with a laughing/crying emoji face. Foley also retweets supportive comments.

Foley said the person in the tattoo is not a portrait of himself. The player wears BYU colors, because Foley loves BYU and said he wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

“My tattoo is representation of who I am, who I will be and who I’ve been in my life,” he said.

Foley’s goal is “to be a starter as a true freshman this season and to be perfect on my snaps for all four years. BYU fans and coaches can be sure that I’ll always give 100 percent in every aspect of life while at BYU.”

His main goal is to graduate from the School of Business. He said he puts academics highest on his priority list.


Matt Foley and his new tattoo.


Matt Foley’s Twitter feed shows supportive comments regarding his decision to tattoo a full-color picture of himself long snapping. (Twitter)


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