Weaselpecker, Harrison Ford and meme news


Huffington Post shares the news through memes and Twitter photos. Here are some of the best memes that relate to recent news:

Politicians try to appeal to the Internet generation by using cat memes in their campaigns. NSW’s Labor Party candidate Luke Foley posted anti-Mike Baird cat memes, but the Internet isn’t laughing. Many attacked this campaign strategy, calling it “pathetic” and “passé.”

Photographer Martin Le-May captured an almost-impossible scene when he shot this photo of a weasel riding on the back of a woodpecker:

Internet users went wild and did what they do best: memes and photoshopped images.











Actor Harrison Ford crashed his personal airplane on a California golf course Thursday, Mar. 5. Ford is in the best care possible, but the Internet still poked fun at his flight failure:


The most recent meme controversy centers around a photo of Kyra Pringle’s daughter, Mariah Anderson. Pringle uploaded the photo to Facebook and within hours Mariah had been turned into a meme, with jokes about her smile, eyes and overall image plastered on the screen. Pringle said this is bullying, and some meme creators even came back to apologize to the family.


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