#WCCMascotMadness semifinal round


LAS VEGAS — The quarterfinals are finished, and there still has yet to be an upset in our WCC Mascot Madness challenge. Top seeds Willie the Wave and Diego Torero cruised through with 88 percent and 73 percent of the votes respectively. The other two matchups, however, were close. Cosmo beat Don Francisco 64 percent to 36 percent, thanks to a late push in the final minutes, while BYU actually had to extend the voting to break a tie between Powercat and Bucky the Bronco. Pacific’s tiger eventually won by a single vote. Now you know how important it is to support your mascot!

So that sets up our semifinals, with Willie confronting Cosmo and Diego facing Powercat. Good luck to the remaining contestants. Click or tap on the photos to vote in each matchup! We’ll start at 8:00 p.m. (PDT) tonight and again go until 5:00 p.m. (PDT) tomorrow.

#1 Willie the Wave - Pepperdine (J Mason Nordfelt
#1 Willie the Wave — Pepperdine (J Mason Nordfelt)
#4 Cosmo the Cougars - BYU (J Mason Nordfelt)
#4 Cosmo the Cougars — BYU (J Mason Nordfelt)












#2 Diego Torero - USD (J Mason Nordfelt)
#2 Diego Torero — USD (J Mason Nordfelt)
#3 Powercat - Pacific (J Mason Nordfelt)
#3 Powercat — Pacific (J Mason Nordfelt)
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