Swagg mama


Not many people can say they’ve been to every BYU football game since 2012, but for some, the dedication remains indestructible. No matter where the Cougars play, one super fan will always be there.

“I’ve promised him since he was little that I would never miss any of his games,” Nicolle Williams, mother of BYU Running Back Jamaal Williams said.

Nicolle went from one son to hundreds after being named the “Swagg Mama” for Cougar football players.

“I just love those guys. They treat me like a mom,” Nicolle said. “They just love me so I can’t do nothing but love them too.”

And like any mom would, she feels right at home when she’s with her boys.

“She’s the only person I know that can just walk in and say hey to all the coaches,” junior running back Jamaal said. “She just walks into people’s offices like she owns the place and nobody has a problem with it because she’s family.”

It’s not easy being BYU’s most dedicated fan, but that doesn’t stop Jamaal’s mom from decking herself out with swag at every game.

“Everybody’s always waiting to see what kind of attire I’m going to have on,” Nicolle said.

The blinged-out Mama Williams follows her boys to every game from Notre Dame to Wisconsin.

“I’ve pretty much traveled from the east to the west coast,” Nicolle said.

She may be Jamaal’s number one fan on the field, but at the end of the day, she’s still mom.

“The real mama comes out and she gets on my head about stuff,” Jamaal said. “She’s always like, ‘Make sure you’re doing your homework. Make sure you clean your room. Blahblahblah.’ Other than that, she’s good.”

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