The pros and cons of BYU intramural sports


The BYU Intramural Sports program reportedly engages more than 12,000 participants each year, but just in case you’re still on the fence about participating, here’s a pros and cons list.

Pro: Your family and friends can come cheer you on as you play your heart out.
Con: You risk seeing a scary side of your family and friends you had never seen before.

(From YouTube video “Kicking & Screaming (6/10) Movie CLIP – Crazed Coach (2005) HD”)

Pro: The intramural program provides students with jobs as referees.
Con: The money they make goes toward emotional therapy.

(From YouTube video “What About Bob Therapy Scene”)

Pro: It gives your teammates who played high school sports the opportunity to relive their “glory days.”
Con: You must endure hearing every single detail about that one time they almost won the state tournament.

(From YouTube video “Remember The Titans Warm-Up”)

Pro: Your team can work together, overcome differences and stretch physical limits to become victorious tournament winners.
Con: Your reward is a T-shirt.

(From video “Chris Farley – Coffee commercial SNL high quality”)

Pro: Your team will have the opportunity to think up fun and creative team names like “Manchesthair United,” “I Think Therefore I Slam,” or “Lehi’s Dream Team.”
Con: You might get recruited and end up on the “And We Came To Pass” or “Peanut Butter & Slam” teams.

(From YouTube video “Gob: “Come on!” Compilation – Arrested Development”)

Pro: You might meet your future spouse on your coed team.
Con: You will most likely run into at least four of your freshman ex-boyfriends/girlfriends along the way.

(From YouTube video “Dumb and Dumber Lloyd Gags”)

Pro: You might get to play basketball against your chemistry professor playing on the “Old Man” team.
Con: The price of beating your chemistry professor is your grade.

(From YouTube video “Substitute Teacher – Key & Peele”)

Pro: Intramural sports will help you keep the Honor Code by making you shave before every game.
Con: You’ll have to bring your electric shaver to every game.

(From YouTube video “Jimmy Trims Jared Leto’s Beard”)

Pro: You can use your creativity skills and spend time and money making team jerseys to increase unity.
Con: The referees will make you wear “pinnies” over the shirts anyways.

(From YouTube video “Knowshon Moreno Crying on the Sideline After National Anthem”)

Pro: If you’re not very confident in a certain sport, you can choose a less-competitive league.
Con: The good teams will sign up for the lower league just to destroy you anyway.

(From YouTube video “Welcome to the SEC Missouri”)

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