NFL domestic abuse scandal splits reactions


In the past month, the National Football League has faced criticism for the way it has handled recent domestic abuse charges against some of its players.

The scandals surrounding certain players, such as Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, have created outrage towards the NFL. But with the outrage, there has also been an endless supply of jokes on the matter.

In the season 40 premiere of Saturday Night Live on Sept. 27, the comedy show had two sketches about the scandal, one in the cold opening and the other later in the show.

The Internet has taken advantage of the situation to make its own jokes about it, such as memes.

Ratings for the NFL this season have gone up amongst the drama in the league. Yet, despite improved ratings, fans are split on how they have reacted to the behavior of their favorite players.

The jury is still out on the matter, but one thing is clear: The NFL is here to stay, scandal and all.

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