Five reasons to ‘take me out to the ball game’ at Larry H. Miller Field


The sun’s evening shadows and the sweet smell of grass. A chance to gather together with friends and family and enjoy beautiful scenery. The aroma of hot dogs and hamburgers in the air. The echo of the ball on bats and gloves. The only place to experience all of these together is at a baseball game at Larry H. Miller Park.

Here are five reasons to attend a game at Miller Park before the end of this season to cheer on the BYU baseball team.

The love of baseball

Fans of baseball and curious newcomers will enjoy watching America’s pastime. Even though the

Kelton Caldwell is welcomed home after hitting a home run against San Diego. Photo by Sarah Hill
Kelton Caldwell is welcomed home after hitting a home run against San Diego. (Photo by Sarah Hill)

Cougars haven’t been as successful this year they still need support from their fans.

“For the pure love of baseball,” said Cougars sports fan Rick Jensen, when asked why he attends games. “It’s great to be out in the sun enjoying the game.”

With a visit from rival Utah (May 6) and one more home series (May 8–10 against Santa Clara), potential spectators are running out of chances to watch BYU play.

The atmosphere

The majority of fans at football and basketball games are nowhere near the field, so they don’t feel as connected to what’s happening.

At Miller Park, even the nosebleed seats are closer to the field than most of the seats at Lavell Edwards Stadium. Baseball games aren’t as well attended as other events on campus, so newcomers have the ability to help engage with a fan base that could use some more student energy and enthusiasm.

Parents can bring their children to the game and not worry about them playing in the aisle or walking around. Because there isn’t constant loud cheering throughout the game it can be a great bonding experience between a father and son.


Attending games with friends and family is a large part of why people go to sporting events in the first place. When friends go to games together, they want to be able to socialize and have a good time.

“Baseball games are a place you can come and actually talk to your friends,” said Clarissa George, a BYU alumna. “At football games you have to yell the whole time.”

Baseball games are more relaxed, allowing for a better social experience. There are plenty of breaks and downtime throughout the game that allow for interactions among friends and other fans.

The great outdoors

After a long, cold winter there is no better feeling than sitting outside and soaking up the sun. Baseball games come at the prime time of year. Just when people are getting tired of being cooped up, baseball comes around to give a reason to get out and enjoy the beauties of springtime.

When asked about his favorite part of being at a game, Clark Richardson said, “The view; the mountains are gorgeous, and it’s just great to be outside.”

Having the Wasatch Mountains as a backdrop provides an aspect of beauty that isn’t present at many other sporting events. In 2012 “College Baseball Today” ranked Miller Park as the second best college baseball venue in the country.

A unique experience

Whether it’s the close proximity to the field, the different intro music for each player or the families gathered together, there is something different about a baseball game. Tickets cost less, the stands aren’t as crowded, and it makes for a great date.

The game itself isn’t as chaotic as other events, making for a more enjoyable fan experience because fans aren’t forced to pay constant attention to the game to understand exactly what’s going on.


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