March 5, 2014 Daily Legislative Schedule


House Business and Labor Committee
8:00 AM – 445 State Capitol

1. HB0089S02 Association Rental Amendments
2. SB0226 Professional Licensing Amendments
3. HB0391 Tangible Personal Property Tax Exemption
4. HJR002 Joint Resolution on Business Personal Property Tax Exemption
5. SB0143S01 Nail Technician Practice Amendments
6. SB0087 Contractor Employee Amendments

House Education Committee
8:00 AM – 30 House Building

1. HB0417 English Language Arts Instructional Tool
2. HB0419 Charter School Revisions
3. HB0409 Statewide Education Coordinating Committee
4. HB0399 Truancy Amendments
5. SB0043 Intergenerational Poverty Interventions in Public Schools

House Public Utilities and Technology Committee
8:00 AM – House Building

1. SB0052 Utility Relocation on Highway Projects
2. SB0089 Amendments to Definition of Public Utility
3. SCR008 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Canyonlands National Park’s 50th Anniversary

Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee
8:00 AM – 250 State Capitol

1. SB0159 Bail Amendments
2. SB0175 Law Enforcement Services Account Amendments
3. SB0264 Retention of Outside Counsel, Expert Witnesses, and Litigation Support Services
4. SB0265 Law Enforcement Services Account
5. HB0336S01 Court System Task Force

Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee
8:00 AM – 415 State Capitol

1. HB0108S01 Mobile Home Park Task Force
2. HB0313S02 Veterans’ and Military Affairs Commission
3. HB0197 Daylight Saving Time Study
4. HB0380 Repeal of Housing Relief Expendable Special Revenue Fund

Senate Transportation and Public Utilities and Technology Committee
8:05 AM – 215 Senate Building

1. HB0019 Electric Vehicle Battery Charging Service Amendments
2. HB0199S01 Park Model Recreational Vehicles
3. HB0271S01 Motor Vehicle Emissions
4. HB0349 Repeal of Transportation Related Funds

House Health and Human Services Committee
9:00 AM — 25 House Building

1. HB0418S01 Rights of Grandparents to Child Visitation

House: 10:00 AM – 11:45 AM & 2:00 PM – 3:50 PM & 7:00 PM (until needed)
Senate: 10:00 AM – 11:45 AM & 2:00 PM – 3:50 PM

Retirement and Independent Entities Interim Committee
Noon – 20 House Building

Review  Proposal to Create a New Independent Entity – School and Institutional Trust  Fund Office

Senate Retirement and Independent Entities Committee
12:05 PM – 20 House Building

1. HB0126 Retirement Amendments
2. HB0194 Public Safety Retirement Conversion Window

House Retirement and Independent Entities Committee
12:10 PM – 20 House Building

1. HB0426 Retirement Participation Modifications
2. HB0168 School and Institutional Trust Lands and Funds Management Provisions

House Judiciary Committee
4:00 PM — 20 House Building

1. HB0348S01 Child Support Amendments
2. HB0366 Expungement Amendments
3. HB0411 Victim Restitution Amendments
4. SB0112S01 Game Fowl Fighting Amendments

House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee
4:00 PM — 25 House Building

1. HB0190 Breathalyzer Amendments
2. SB0185 Law Enforcement Transparency
3. SB0046S02 Administrative Subpoena Modifications
4. HB0427 Asset Forfeiture Revisions

House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee
4:00 PM – 445 State Capitol

1. HB0164 Interstate Compact on Transfer of Public Lands
2. HB0416 Amendments to Procedures for Surface Leases
3. HB0138 Underground Petroleum Storage Tank Amendments
4. HB0432 Wildland Fire Liability Amendments
5. HCR013 Concurrent Resolution on Transfer of Public Lands Act
6. HCR010 Concurrent Resolution on School and Institutional Trust Lands Exchange Act
7. HB0412 State of Utah Transportation Plan for the Dixie National Forest
8. HB0421 Sovereign Lands Management Account Amendments
9. SCR007 Concurrent Resolution on Comprehensive Statewide Wildland Fire Prevention, Preparedness, and Suppression Policy

House Transportation Committee
4:00 PM – 450 State Capitol

1. HB0400 Nonrepairable Vehicle Amendments
2. SB0187 Highway Rights-of-way Amendments
3. SB47 Emergency Management Act Amendments (third substitution)

Senate Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee
4:00 PM – 215 Senate Building

1. HB0090 Women in the Economy Commission
2. HCR003 Concurrent Resolution on Unmanned Aircraft Systems
3. HB0320S01 Educators’ Professional Learning
4. HB0386 Repeal of Utah History Endowment Fund
5. SB0263 Small Business Innovation Research

Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee
4:00 PM – 250 State Capitol

1. SJR018 Utah Fiber Friendly State – Joint Resolution
2. HB0218 Tax Credit for Working Individuals and Families

Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee
4:12 PM – 415 State Capitol

1. SB0079 Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act
2. HB0382S01 Limited Purpose Local Government Entities Amendments
3. HB0097 Limitation on Local Government Regulation of Animals
4. HJR013 Joint Rules Resolution on Conference Committee Reports
5. HB0193 Appropriations and Budgeting Amendments
6. HB0340 Local District Boundary Adjustments
7. HB0083 Local Government Residential Reimbursement Authority
8. HB0335 Supplemental Savings Plan Amendments
9. HB0103 State Money Management Act Amendments

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