Cougars in the Olympics Quiz


Test your knowledge of Cougars in the Olympics to get ready for Friday’s Opening Ceremonies.


[rapid_quiz question=”Which Olympic sport has had the most BYU Cougar participants? ” answer=”Track & Field” options=”Swim & Dive|Track & Field|Speed Skating |Tennis ” notes=”37 BYU athletes have participated in Track & Field events at the Olympics “]










[rapid_quiz question=”Which sport is a BYU Cougar competing in during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi? ” answer=”Luge ” options=”Skiing |Ice Dancing |Luge |Cat chasing ” notes=”Kate Hansen is competing in women’s luge. Cat chasing is currently NOT an Olympic sport. “]










[rapid_quiz question=”BYU Olympians have NOT competed in which sport? ” answer=”Figure Skating” options=”Track & Field |Speed Skating |Tennis |Figure Skating” notes=”No Cougars have participated in Figure Skating at the Olympics”]












[rapid_quiz question=”Which BYU Olympian competed in a Winter Olympics?” answer=”Jean Saubert” options=”Jim Osborne|Jean Saubert|Ricardo Velarde|Hidde Van Beest” notes=”Jean Saubert competed in alpine skiing during the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria. She won a silver medal in the Women’s Giant Slalom and a bronze medal in the Women’s Slalom. “]










[rapid_quiz question=”How many families have had multiple BYU Cougars in the Olympics? ” answer=”2″ options=”1|10|2|4″ notes=”Anders and Niklas Arrhenius both participated in track & field, Anders in the 1972 Olympics, and Niklas in the 2008. Wayne and Guard Young both participated in gymnastics. Wayne in the 1976 Olympics and Guard in the 2004 Olympics. “]










[rapid_quiz question=”Who was the oldest BYU graduate to compete in the Olympics? ” answer=”Werner Hoeger ” options=”Alma Richards|Mark Fuller |Hidde Van Beest|Werner Hoeger ” notes=”Werner Hoeger, who participated in the luge, was 48 years old during his first Olympics and 52 in his second. “]












[rapid_quiz question=”Which BYU Olympian was a torch bearer for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City? ” answer=”Mike Schlappi” options=”Mike Schlappi|Ryan Millar|Shauna Rohbock|Anders Arrhenius” notes=”Mike Schlappi was a torch bearer for the 2002 Winter Olympics. He has competed in the Paralympics on the United States wheelchair basketball team. “]








[rapid_quiz question=”How many countries have been represented by a Cougar at the Olympics? ” answer=”22″ options=”22|53|19|1″ notes=”BYU Cougars have represented 22 different countries from around the world. “]









[rapid_quiz question=”Which Olympics did the first BYU Olympian compete in? ” answer=”1912 Stockholm ” options=”1948 London|1912 Stockholm |1968 Ciudad de México|1936 Berlin ” notes=”Alma Richards competed in track & field in the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. “]










[rapid_quiz question=”Which BYU athlete was the youngest athlete of all the Cougars when he or she participated in his or her first Olympics?” answer=”Hiroko Nagasaki” options=”Oluyemi Kayode|Hiroko Nagasaki|Julie Jenkins|Mark Chay” notes=”Hiroko Nagasaki was 16 when she swam for Japan in the 1984 Olympic games in Los Angeles.”]


All pictures courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


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