Google Fiber begins installation in Provo

Google Fiber is set to begin installation for current Veracity customers. (Photo courtesy Google)

Google Fiber is beginning installation of its gigabit-speed Internet service to residents in Provo.

Google’s new high-speed Internet will be reaching customers currently hooked up to the Veracity fiber-optic network. Others in Provo hoping to sign up for the service will be able to sign up starting in January.

Alpine Village, a student housing complex in Provo, began installation of Google Fiber at the beginning of October, according to a Universe article.

“We’re anxious to see the reception of Google Fiber by the students living at the properties,” said David Bailey, managing partner at Redstone Residential Inc.

Students at Alpine Village should be getting anxious too, as residents will be able to begin using Google Fiber on Monday, according to a representative from the complex.

Bailey said there will be no additional charges to use Google Fiber’s free Internet service with speeds up to 5 Mbps, but there will be an upgrade option to the gigabit-speed service for individual apartments.

Provo residents can expect to get the basic, 5 Mbps Internet plan for free for seven years after paying a $30 hookup fee.

Gigabit Internet plans start at $70 per month, while Google’s TV and gigabit Internet plan will cost $120 per month.

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