BYU hockey suffers a heart-wrenching loss to Boise State


The BYU Cougar hockey team suffered a heart-wrenching loss at home to Boise State 3-2 Nov. 1 after playing their hearts out but being unable to finish.

The game was hard fought, with a lot of back-and-forth play between the two teams as they both looked to create scoring opportunities. In the first period both teams started out competitive, but Boise State just managed to put a goal in. In the second period BYU quickly answered back with a goal from Chris Tuttle, quickly tying the game in the first 30 seconds of the period.

Unfortunately, BYU was doomed to repeat past failures.

BYU faces off against Boise State in and all out battle for the puck (photo courtesy of Josh Naumu)
BYU faces off against Boise State in and all-out battle for the puck. (Photo courtesy Josh Naumu)

Within a minute, Boise struck back with another goal, putting them up by one. Failing to defend after a BYU score has been a reoccurring issue for BYU throughout the season, and hopefully they will be able to correct in their rematch against Boise Nov. 2.   The reoccurring absence of BYU’s top scorers, Nick Bartholomew and Ryan Hoeke, also hurt the Cougars in this game and will be a detriment on BYU’s winning until they return.

The second period ended with another goal from Boise, putting them up 3-1.

The third period BYU came out aggressive and looking determined; the team maintained possession of the puck and created many scoring opportunities but put only one more point on the scoreboard. Brendan Hubbard scored for the Cougars after two Boise players were sent to the penalty box.

Both teams scrambled after the puck until the very last, and BYU’s raw determination to get another goal was evident. But in the end, BYU efforts were fruitless and time ran out.

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