Republicans gather for school year’s first rally


Former congressional candidate Mia Love and the band The Strike were the featured at the College Republicans of Utah first political rally of the school year on Sept. 19.

The goal of the rally, held at UVU’s UCCU Center, was to persuade college students to become more involved in the political discussions surrounding them.

The rally’s reported keynote speaker, Utah State Senator Mike Lee, was not able to attend due to flight delays from Washington, D.C.

Heather Williamson, the Utah coordinator for grassroots service organization Freedom Works, described the event as an attempt to persuade college-aged students to become more politically engaged.

“We are excited to get college youth involved and lead this country to where it needs to go,” Williamson said. “We realize they are the next leaders of this nation.”

The rally began with a few words from motivational speaker Mark Patey. Patey, who owns multiple businesses and recently broke the transcontinental world speed record, discussed the changing environment he notices in working class Americans.

“There is this zombie apocalypse infecting America, and it’s a disease called self-entitlement,” Patey said. “They think just because you show up for eight hours they are entitled to a paycheck. It’s destroying America.”

Following Patey, multiple local bands performed, including Red Yeti and Maghony and Pearl. The bands were included in the rally to entice more college students to attend.

“We wanted to make it fun, and what better way than to have a fun band come and play,” Williamson said.

Love, the current mayor of Saratoga Springs, then addressed the audience. Love focused on the difference one person can make.

“Never forget the importance of an individual,” Love said. “You live in the land of opportunity. America’s history is full of young people who make a difference every day. Dig deep and discover a positive contribution you can make to the United States of America.”

Following Love’s address, the rally closed with feature band The Strike performing some of their most popular songs.

Bryan Pistorius, vice president of editing for the BYU College Republicans Club, stressed the importance of political activity for BYU students.

“We are really trying to get students involved and let them know the things that go on in politics are applicable for college students,” Pistorius said. “We really are the future of the decisions made in policies, so we need to understand what is going on.

For updates on political events being held in Utah County, visit the BYU College Republicans Club Facebook page.

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