BLOXR reveals radiation cream to protect doctors’ hands

BLOXR Radiation Cream
BLOXR Corporation launched a novel radiation shield cream for protection of doctors’ hands this month. (Photo by BLOXR Corporation)

X-ray radiation may not be an issue for most individuals, but it can be for doctors and clinicians who are routinely exposed. This month, BLOXR Corporation, a Salt Lake City company, launched a novel radiation shield cream for protection of doctors’ hands.

The launch press release by BLOXR stated, “Reports indicate the number of x-rays has exploded to 180 million and the number of CT scans to 60 million annually in the U.S. alone.”

Chris Green, marketing specialist for BLOXR, explained that there are two methods for doctors to apply the cream: single glove and double glove.

The single glove method requires doctors to apply the cream directly to their hands and use gloves over the hands for sanitary purposes. A double glove method allows doctors to apply the cream to a pair of gloves and wear another pair of gloves on top. The second method does not require doctors to wash the cream off; instead, they can dispose of it properly.

BLOXR cream under the X-ray
BLOXR radiation cream protects doctors’ hands from X-ray radiation. (Photo by BLOXR Corporation)

The launch went nationwide on Sept. 9 and will be used at Utah hospitals in the near future.

“We just began clinical trials at IHC in Salt Lake City,” Green said. “As soon as IHC picks it up, it will be more of a staple locally.”

Intermountain Health Care has hospitals and clinics in Utah and southern Idaho.

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