Utah Valley recovers from flooding


Utah Valley experienced torrential rains that caused flooding and damage on Sept. 7.

Alpine residents work to retain flooding with sandbags and shovels. Photo courtesy of Jessica Frazier
Alpine residents work to retain flooding with sandbags and shovels. (Photo courtesy Jessica Frazier)

Many residents were concerned about the postponed football game, but others had deeper problems. The National Weather Service reported that almost an inch of rain fell in approximately 15 minutes, causing drainage backflow. Muddy flood water flowed down roads and seeped into basements.

“It was like a river down the road” said Jessica Frazier, a BYU senior. “In the middle of the road it was maybe six inches, but on the edges it was up to my thighs.”

The basement of Frazier’s home flooded minuets after the hard rain started Saturday afternoon.

Residents of Alpine were called to help both Saturday and Sunday in sandbagging efforts. Entire wards were excused from church to go help redirect the water flow.

Provo and Orem also suffered flooding. The road was partially washed away on 900 North. The road is closed and will require repairs.

Many roads worked as canals while drainage backed up. Orem resident Terance Ostrander watched water stream into his garage and slowly seep into his basement. Ostrander was relieved when neighbors arrived unheralded to remove water with buckets and garbage cans.

“We had to remove all the carpet in the basement and salvage the furniture we had down there,” Ostrander said. “I don’t know what we would have done without help.”

The dangerous conditions also caused many branches and debris to fall and clog drains. Residue still remains, but clean-up efforts are underway.

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