Unhinged is the place in Provo to find unique, locally made items


Local artwork adorns the walls. Old sewing machines and typewriters are scattered around the room. Everything from unique padlocks to handmade jewelry can be found among the racks of men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing.

These are some of the many things to discover when walking into the newest shop to open in downtown Provo: Unhinged.

Provo clothing store Unhinged prides itself in selling only locally made products.
Provo clothing store Unhinged prides itself in selling only locally made products.

Unhinged is a clothing boutique that opened July 3 in a previously vacant storefront near the corner of Center Street and University Avenue. The store specializes in a mix of new, vintage and locally made items.

Corey Folster, the owner of Unhinged, opened the first location in Sugarhouse in 2011. When looking to expand the store, he found the historic building in Provo and knew it was a good location. With the frequent events and variety of restaurants, Folster feels there is a great opportunity for shopping in downtown Provo. He loves the historic feel and said the city has been very welcoming.

Unhinged sells both vintage and locally made clothing, gifts and accessories. Folster said when he started Unhinged it wasn’t originally focused on local items. However, as he met more local artists and designers, he realized there were a lot of great people who had nowhere to sell the things they made.

“It’s fun to meet the people who make everything,” Folster said. “It’s fun to know the story behind everything in the store.”

Because of the mix of vintage and local items, everything at Unhinged is unique and has a story.

“No one else is mixing it the way we are,” Folster said about the wide variety of one-of-a-kind items the store offers.

“He’s all about local,” Bacee Bedard, one of the artists whose work is on display at Unhinged, said about Folster. “I haven’t seen another store that is set up the same way.”

The second floor of Unhinged’s Provo location is set aside for a series of “pop-ups,” a space where local designers have a spot dedicated entirely to their work. Each pop-up will feature one designer for 45 days.

Unhinged, a new boutique, opened in Provo in late June.
Unhinged, a new boutique, opened in Provo in late June.

Sara Tramp is the creator of Slingshot Pop, the clothing line currently featured in Unhinged’s pop-up space. Tramp said it has been fun working with Folster and Unhinged because they offer designers a refreshing opportunity to promote their work and have a distinct shop where people can go to buy their inventory.

“It’s like a permanent little marketplace for me,” Tramp said.

Unhinged plans on being a great addition to the Provo community by doing things like keeping prices affordable and participating in First Friday’s Downtown Gallery Stroll. Those who want to check out the work of local artists and shop for unique items can go to Unhinged and be greeted by Folster, who welcomes his customers with a friendly and open attitude.

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