BYU soccer returns home after two away games


The BYU Men’s Soccer team had a rematch with the LA Misioneros in their second away game last week. BYU lost 0-1 despite the hard-fought game, a repeat of their previous 0-1 loss against the Misioneros.

The BYU cougars knew the game was going to be hard but the heat was an unexpected battle in Los Angeles. Midfielder Jace Green said, “It was 108 degrees at kick-off.”

The first half of the game was evenly matched. The Cougars are organized and communicates well with one another in order to keep possession of the ball and create more opportunities for scoring, while the Misioneros have great one-on-one talent.

The half time score was 0-0. In the second half BYU controlled the ball for the majority of time. A BYU defender and Misioneros forward were faced in a one-on-one battle just outside of the 18-yard box; the outcome was an unlucky penalty kick on the BYU goal. The Misioneros set up and executed the goal flawlessly. With the score at 0-1, the Cougars’ spirits went down, but they continued to work for their opportunity to score. Coach Watkins said, “ Our forwards are working really hard and I hope we can see the goals come more often.”

The final score was 0-1, yet BYU had more possession time and completed more passes. Head coach Chris Watkins said, “We had some great chances early in the match, but we really needed to finish.”

The BYU Cougars are back in Provo and have started preparing for their home game on July 4 against FC Tuscon.

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