Aspiring figure skaters host free benefit show


Aspiring figure skaters will perform for a cause this weekend at the free Cancer Benefit Show this Saturday. The performance will be held at Peaks Ice Arena in Provo from 7-9 p.m. and will conclude with a free public skate session after the show.

Admissions are free and the performance will include BYU students, alumni and Provo-area youth who have come together to show off their hard work and skating capabilities. Not only do many of the skaters hope to one day skate professionally or for the U.S. Olympics, but they are actively involved in raising awareness and money for those who have cancer. Skate for Cancer uses figure skating to give recognition to and honor those who have been diagnosed with cancer. Many of the skaters skate for their direct friends or family members who were diagnosed with the disease.

Provo-youth and BYU students and alumni host first Cancer Benefit Show at Peaks Ice Arena on Saturday
Provo-youth and BYU students and alumni host first Cancer Benefit Show at Peaks Ice Arena on Saturday

Director Brianna Hatch has helped direct the show and coach the skaters who will perform. Hatch is the BYU Figure Skating team captain and a three-time U.S. Junior National team member. Her experience in helping with the Ronald McDonald House in New York inspired her to help manifest the Cancer Benefit Show this year.

“I’m doing this for them and ultimately helping them make it happen,” Hatch said. “It is such a beautiful event, and so full of emotion.”

The event will feature live performances from youth ages 3-18 as well as BYU students and alumni. Youth skater and 9-year-old, Lucie Aaron Schoonmaker is proud to reveal a new program to skate to the night of the benefit in honor of raising money for her cousin, Cassidy.

“This show has given me an opportunity to do service,” Schoonmaker said. “It has taught me that we can help others and shown me how generous people are to help others that are going through challenges.”

Hatch has the help of her colleagues to put on this performance including Cosette Hatch, Ali Skalla Brown, Keri Ranzenberger, Jacquelyn Garces Packard and Deanna Inn.

Inn said that her job as a coach is not only to choreograph, but to help even her youngest students understand the cause they are skating for.

“So many people have come together to raise awareness for the cause,” Inn said. “It is very real in the skater’s personal lives.”

The event is free to the public and will include a free public skating session following the performances. Skate for Cancer will be accepting donations that will go toward the the family member or loved one directly affected as well as Intermountain Hospital.

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