Trader Joe’s mania


There are not many things that would drive people to spend the night standing in front of a store in 35-degree weather, but hundreds of people did just that for the grand opening of the first Trader Joe’s in Utah. People seem to really love this chain of grocery stores, and they proved it by waiting in line for hours just so they could get a hold of some of their favorite foods.

ManyUtahshoppers have waited years for a Trader Joe’s to open in their state. Some fans went as far as writing letters to the company headquarters demanding a store be opened in Salt Lake City. There was even a Facebook group started with over 3,500 likes.

The die-hard, eager fans braved the cold and lined up by the hundreds to buy their favorite Trader Joe’s food like chocolate covered pretzels, Candy Cane Joe Joe’s and Cookie Butter.

David Stinson waited in line for over sixteen hours just so he could be among the first to enter the Hawaiian themed grand opening.

“Well, I’ve been here since Thursday afternoon at four o’clock,” he said.

Just what is it about the California-based grocery chain that causes such crazed devotion from fans?

“Oh I love all of the unique products that they offer. I love the natural alternatives that they have. And you know, it’s a fun atmosphere today,” said Cliff King.

“The environment is so fun. The employees, they really do have service with a smile. It’s the best part. They have so many unique foods from all over the world and also incredible prices,” said Bekah Coffey.

Trader Joes is located within a mile of four other grocery stores, but that won’t draw fans of Joes away. Stinson said he plans on shopping there and will try to get others to as well.

“Take the time. Come in to one store. Look around and you’ll get hooked. You’ll get hooked,” said Stinson.

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