Ready to ‘ROC’


Screaming fans, colorful signs, and cardboard cutouts are what most fans remember about BYU’s student section, but now there’s something else that makes these fans stand out. Welcome to the ‘ROC,’ or ‘Roar of Cougars.’ BYU Marketing Director David Almodova understands just how to make the student section special.

“This kind of came from a bunch of students that said, ‘Hey, let’s make this really awesome, and so, cutouts. We’ve seen it at other schools where they’ve had the big heads, or fat heads…Their thought was, let’s make full bodies,” said Almodova.

Students are ready to settle into their new real estate and start annoying the visiting team.

“I think it’ll make a pretty big impact. Especially for the second half of the game when the opposing team is heading for the goal and the student section is pretty distracting, pretty loud, and I think it’ll be a huge impact,” said BYU student Shanlee Herrin.

Change is never easy, and some students aren’t very excited about the new ‘ROC.’

“I don’t really like the new student section. I kind of like it where it was before. I just feel like you got to see the game better. You’re…in the center of the court and you had a better view,” said BYU student Kathy Brazier.

The Marriott Center isn’t the only place to find the ‘ROC.’ Look for the new student section to show up at every sporting event on campus.

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