The importance of a decent haircut and hairstyle


The low hum of scissors, hair dryers and buzzers fill the lower floor of the Wilkinson Student Center as the hairstylists of Studio 1030 perfect the unruly manes of BYU students.

Whether people go to their mother or Studio 1030 for a haircut, many people believe a decent hairstyle is necessary for first impressions.

Sarah Weirich, a 23-year-old Studio 1030 hairstylist, from Bulverde, Texas, said hair is essential to making a good first impression on people.

“Hair shows your personality,” Weirich said. “That is the first thing people see. It is kind of what people think about you.”

Weirich said it is hard to peg a trend on any popular hairstyle because of the diverse personalities at BYU.

Caroline Quinn, a 19-year-old Studio 1030 hairstylist, from Atlanta, Ga., said men are enjoying the faux hawk look and women are enjoying the Emma Watson pixie cut.

“A lot of them are bringing in Emma Watson’s picture and they are wanting that,” Quinn said. “It is almost the girl’s boy cut style.”

Quinn said it is hard to judge what a ‘good’ haircut is because everyone has different taste. She said it is important to have a quality hair job done by a licensed cosmetologist or hairstylist.

“The hard thing is determining what a good hairstyle is for everybody,” Quinn said. “With one person I could think, ‘Wow, that looks horrible,’ but (on) another person … it looks great. It is important to have a good hairstyle, rather than the rolled-out-of-bed and barely touched look.”

Both Quinn and Weirich suggested that women come in at least every eight to 10 weeks, while men should make a visit every three weeks.

Cameron Street, a freshman from Sheridan, Wyo., majoring in athletic training, said she gets her hair done three to four times per year. Rather than attending a studio or salon in the Provo area, Street utilizes the styling talents of her hairstylist in Wyoming. Street said she believes everyone should do something with their hair.

“We all judge, so if you go to an interview or something, you don’t want to look like a mess, and that starts with your hair,” Street said.

As far as crazy colors and cuts go, Street has never dyed her hair. She tends to stay conservative with her personal hairstyle.

Megan Brindley, a freshman from St. George, said she believes people should stick to natural colors when dying their hair.

“Colors that aren’t natural shouldn’t be used because it is just weird,” Brindley said.

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