‘Like father like son’ an almost for Tagg Romney


Tagg Romney, the eldest of the Romney sons, is heavily involved in his dad’s road to the White House but insists that he won’t be following directly in his footsteps. A BYU graduate and a businessman himself, Tagg has been influenced by generations of Romney traditions, but he’ll pass on the political footsteps to another brother.

The New York Times reports:

[media-credit id=74 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]CAMBRIDGE, Ohio — When Tagg Romney, the eldest of Mitt and Ann Romney’s five sons, was a newly married student at Brigham Young University, he and his wife lived in a tiny basement apartment — the same one where his newlywed parents had lived two decades earlier, when he was an infant.

When Mr. Romney went on a Mormon mission, he wound up in France, just as his father had. When he decided to go to business school, he settled on Harvard, same as his dad. When he and his wife, Jennifer, bought a house, they picked one in Belmont, Mass., down the street from his parents.

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