Blackout Success


Cold and wet fans filled the stands for a show never seen before in Lavell Edwards stadium, a blackout. Cougar fans prepared for the blackout by buying gear from the BYU Bookstore. Items bought included hats, shirts, sweats and even replica helmets.

“I came early and went to the bookstore to get my blackout gear and had to fight everyone off. It was like Black Friday over there. It was good,” Said Pat Hammond who came from Las Vegas to watch the Cougars play.

BYU has a long tradition and heritage, so change is something that usually doesn’t happen often. However, fans say they were happy with the university’s decision to do something different.

Former BYU cornerback Corby Eason said, “It creates so much excitement for the school because we are stuck in our old ways and we need to get hip with the now times.”

The fans say that the blackout was a success, and they enjoyed what they called the black BYU swagg on the players and everyone in the stadium.  BYU marketing says that the blackout will be a one time event. In order for BYU to do another blackout the university would have to purchase the black jerseys again because, marketing are selling the Jerseys to cover the cost of the equipment and the uniforms.  Marketing did say that they would give away some of the jerseys to the fans.

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