Radiating Hope’s Night of Inspiration to hold fundraising event in Salt Lake City


Mountain climbers and cancer survivors, Kristin Sumbot and Lhakpa Sherpa will share their battles inside hospitals and the Himalayas at Radiating Hope’s Night of Inspiration on Oct. 20 at 7 p.m.

Lhakpa Sherpa is a cancer survivor who set the world record for climbing Mt. Everest. She climbed from base to summit in just under 11 hours (it takes most mountaineers 6–8 weeks). Kristin Sumbot, a BYU student and cancer survivor, recently climbed Mt. Imja Tse in Nepal. Leslie Katich, Sumbot’s mother, is a cancer caregiver and advocate for cancer patients. These three women will teach about the parallels between their battles with medical mountains and the struggles of climbing literal mountains.

Radiating Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money to provide and update radiation equipment in those countries where cancer treatment is sparse. Radiating Hope, along with Gamma West Cancer Services, invite Utah to come and be inspired, as they highlight three women who have been intimate with cancer.

The Night of Inspiration will be held at University of Utah Guest Housing and Conference Center. Registration for the event is $10 general admission and $50 VIP, with refreshments being served to all attendees. All the proceeds from the night will go to updating and providing cancer treatment in Nepal. More information can be found at www.radiatinghope.org.

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