Race for the Space


Cougars, get ready to start your engines and enter the BYU student parking race track. From the second they spot the yellow Y-lot sign, students race to the finish line located at the end of an open parking space. Engineering major David Nelson says today he got lucky.

“I found an older lady and I asked her if I could take her parking spot and she said yeah, so it worked out this time.”

However, accounting major Lauren Maillard had to face the consequences of defeat.

“Well I had an appointment this morning so I came up to campus looking for a place to park. And there is nothing here so I’m just hanging out.”

Students can park in a number of different locations around campus, so why not just park further away and avoid the chaos?

“For some reason, people don’t like to walk,” says BYU Police Chief Lieutenant Arnold Lemmon. “We have adequate parking stalls, but we just don’t have them in every building.”

But even if students claim a closer parking spot, they still have to climb the infamous “hill” on the west side of campus. Where surprisingly no matter how many times they summit, it never gets easier.

Still most choose the low road, following innocent students to their parked cars as if they were stocking their prey.

So though students aren’t entitled to a parking spot, many say premium parking is work the wait.

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