Tough love from Mia Love


“We’re not buying what Jim Matheson is selling,”  Mia Love, a 4th District Congressional candidate, said to a cheering crowd of women.

Mia Love visited the Provo library for the Utah County Republican Women’s Luncheon, but she wasn’t showing much love towards her opponent, Jim Matheson, and his recent T.V. advertisement.

“Because there’s some commercials out there right now that are distorting all sorts of truth, you have to understand that…these outside Liberal groups that are coming in care nothing about Utah,” Mia says.

However, Love isn’t completely innocent of attack ads herself. The National Republican Congressional Committee is also using commercials to make Matheson look bad. Some Democrats say Love should be careful since she is still proving herself as a candidate. In total, Love and Matheson have already spent almost three and a half million dollars in ads.

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