Students beat the heat with slides and swings


During the summer months, students may often find themselves trying to stay cool while living on a budget. Two nearby options offer some relief and some adventure.

A short 45-minute drive south provides students with a perfect way to enjoy the water during a hot summer afternoon. Burraston Ponds, just outside Mona, has a popular rope swing attraction.

The attraction at the ponds includes three different swings.  The largest swing is the most popular.

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Aaron Winston on a rope swing at Burraston Ponds
“My favorite swing is by far the big one, because there are different levels and you can get up really high,” said Aaron Winston, a BYU student from Spokane, Wash.

Although the swing attracts many thrill seekers, the ponds also offer opportunities for the less daring. One swing is small and allows a person to enjoy the water without the fear of heights.

Another popular attraction for students looking to cool off is the Alpine sliding rock. Remember the classic Disney movie Swiss Family Robinson? This rock is literally a natural water slide.

The location of the slide is in North Alpine against the mountainside. After taking N. Main St in Alpine all the way north, turn left onto Fort Canyon Rd which will lead onto 1800 N.  When that street ends, a short half-mile hike will lead to the sliding rock.

The smooth rock provides a 20-foot slide into a pool of water with a soft landing. The slide is a great way to cool off from the short hike up the hill, but the mountain water can be cold.

“My favorite part of the slide is the anticipation when you are sitting at the top,” Yisong Guo, a BYU Alumni from Fiji said. “You want to go, but you’re scared to go and it’s super cold.”

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