Spartans rise to the challenge by diving through the mud


For the fit and the healthy, a 13 mile race is an opportunity to prove themselves and maybe stretch their legs. Throw in a few muddy paths, slippery walls, and fiery pits and it suddenly becomes an opportunity to survive like a Spartan.

The Spartan Race series hosts nearly 40 events throughout the world, competitions which feature a race packed with obstacles and hard core competitors. This month, the Spartan Race beckons to all those up for the challenge for a race in Midway on June 30.

Runners will start at Soldier Hollow and run for 10-12 miles seeking to prove themselves over walls and under wires and through mud pits. With all the obstacles, the fastest times are estimated to be no faster than 180 minutes, and the race organizers promise in the slogan of the event that “you’ll know at the finish line.”

Individuals or teams can compete, and teams do not have to cross the finish line together. For teams interested in dividing and conquering, there is a sprint relay where each member of the team will complete a 3-4 mile leg stocked with 3-5 obstacles.

Spectators can watch the race for $15, a price which includes access to the vendor tents, live band entertainment, and getting themselves a little muddy in the aftermath of the race. Also, even Spartans need some helpful volunteers, and people who provide this service get free parking and entrance to the event.

As for the runners, they pay a price of $110 at the earliest registration date, and come away with more than just a t-shirt. According to the event website, they will also receive, “tired legs from climbing up and down the mountain, wet and muddy clothes and the best bragging rights.”

Any potential Spartan who thinks they have got what it takes can find out more information at and sign up for what they will not know until the finish line.

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