BYU track runner posts epic fail on YouTube


Once in a while YouTube provides its viewers nice little gems that just have to be watched over and over again. Katy Andrews posted a video of herself falling in a steeplechase that did just that.

Katy Andrews, a steeplechase runner for the BYU Track and Field Team tripped up in a 3,000 meter steeplechase race and rammed into the barrier. These barriers don’t fall down when you hit them like a hurdle would; they are stout and don’t budge an inch. The barrier that Andrews hit sent her sprawling head first into the mud, scraping her leg and banging her head. Andrews later said that she was seeing stars as she ran the two laps that remained.

After watching the video multiple times, it’s a wonder that she didn’t break a leg, let alone  that she got up and fought through the pain.

After the race Andrews was impressed with her “Best Steeplechase Fail” that she posted it to YouTube for all to see, showing everyone that she can also be a good sport about it. So go ahead, sit down, relax, and enjoy the show.

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