Student Activities Board Hosts the BYU Hunger Games


More than 100 “tributes” from BYU’s “District 14” competed for free tickets to the premiere showing of the movie, “The Hunger Games.”

The Student Activities Board hosted the BYU Hunger Games as its weekly event Wednesday in the WSC Terrace. From a trivia quiz contest to Nerf gun arrow shooting, multiple themed competitions attracted students. 

“The Hunger Games,” the award-winning book series published in 2008, tells the story of a post-apocalyptic North America where teenagers must fight to the death in a televised arena. The movie is set to be released on March 23 and according to “The Hollywood Reporter,” 7.5 million copies of the book series have been sold since the first trailer’s release in November 2011.

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Students compete in a variety of carnival games in hopes to win Hunger Game premiere tickets.
“Welcome to the BYU Hunger Games,” the host shouted into the microphone, signaling the game had just begun.

Participants to each mini game, such as ring toss or tic tac toe, earned raffle tickets based on their performance. Occasionally there were instant minute-to-win games on stage for free T-shirts and sponsored gifts, and local hair school students used their skills in hair coloring and make-up, adding more fun to the event. But the highlight of the event was the final drawing: four raffle tickets were selected and each winner received two movie tickets.

Paul Luthe, a BYU sophomore majoring in biophysics, was one of the lucky ones who won tickets to the premiere. Although he was not successful at the minute-to-win stage game, Lady Luck was on his side during the drawing.

“Actually, to read the books, I missed two days of classes,” said Luthe while celebrating the win with his friends. “But I read them all, it was worth it. Oh man, I’m super excited.”

The school is trying to appeal to a broad base of students with various kinds of activities like Wednesday night’s, said Lee Gibbons, coordinator of the Student Activities Board.

“We try to hit different niches of students so that everybody has an opportunity to participate in something they enjoy,” Gibbons said.

Students can view the free weekly event schedule of the Student Activities Board at or at its Facebook page.

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