Hondas and Acuras being targeted for car part theft


Just because cars are parked, locked and protected doesn’t mean they are safe in Provo.

Since Jan. 31 a total of nine cars, specifically Hondas and Acuras, have been targeted and had vehicle parts stolen, including tires and rims.

Sergeant Mathew Siufanua from the Provo Police Department said these cars are being chosen because of the resell value of their parts.

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Provo police warn of a rash of thefts targeting Hondas and Acuras.
“There are approximately 1 million cars stolen every year,” Siufanua said. “Hondas and Acuras are on the list of Top 10 cars stolen. These cars are valued and people want the parts because they are interchangeable between the two brands.”

Siufanua said the types of Hondas and Acuras being targeted are the “two door, hot rod” types of cars. People race these cars and are willing to buy the parts.

Siufanua said the main piece being stolen from these cars are the tires and rims.

“The tires on these cars are stock tires,” Siufanua said. “The tires may be insignificant, but these tires have alloy rims. People who steal these rims can take them to a flea market and sell them for about $100 to $150, which is a quarter of what they are worth.”

Siufanua said the tire thieves can remove the tires in less than two minutes.

A news release from Provo Police explained how people are removing the tires from vehicles.

“Suspects are jacking the vehicles up, where they are parked, and then stealing their tires and rims,” the news release said. “The vehicles are then left sitting on cinder blocks, tireless.”

Siufanua said even cars in public places may not be safe.

“Some of the cars were parked right in the driveway,” Siufanua said. “I would park that car in the garage. If you don’t have a garage, you should make them work for it.”

The news release listed tips to protect cars. This includes using tilt or shock sensors, tire locks and lug nut locks. It is also important to park in high-traffic areas.

Siufanua said the tilt sensor alarm is a great idea if you have a car that may be targeted.

“The tilt sensor uses a mercury switch like a level,” Siufanua said. “If your car tilts one way or the other, the alarm will go off.”

Aaron Clark, a sophomore from Jefferson City, Mo., studying exercise and wellness, had his tires and rims stolen off his Acura while he was living at Omni Apartments.

“I had my car parked in the parking garage at my complex,” Clark said. “One morning I went down to drive my car to school and my tires were gone.”

Clark said other things were taken from inside his car like a phone charger and one of his longboards.

Clark said he has heard of other people having things stolen from their cars.

“I’ve heard of people having stereos or GPSs stolen, but never tires,” Clark said.

In the end, Clark said his insurance paid a deductible for the tires.

“My insurance policy covers tire theft,” Clark said. “So I was able to work with them and got a $550 deductible.”


An Acura getting stolen in California:

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