Three hikes every BYU student should take before graduation


    For those of you that aren’t exercise fanatics, but would like to stay active while trudging through your college education, Utah County is home to a variety of hiking trails that will help you stay fit and have fun doing it. Hiking is a good way to spend time with friends, enjoy nature and take a break from a busy schedule. The following are three trails BYU students should take while living in Provo:

    1. Y – Mountain and beyond – Some say that if you never hike to the Y while attending BYU, you aren’t a true Cougar. While the 1.2-mile trail up to the Y provides a rewarding view, the trail beyond the Y gives an even better one. Depending on your athletic ability and speed, the hike to the Y itself takes 30 minutes to an hour. The summit of Y-Mountain is about another two hours after that. With occasional steep inclines, this moderately difficult hike has spectacular views of the city to the west of the mountain as well as the valleys to the east.

    [media-credit name=”Kristian Ekenes” align=”alignleft” width=”200″][/media-credit]
    Nic Hoggan hikes up Rock Canyon.
    “It’s a great experience because you get all the elements of a great hike: a great workout because it’s strenuous, a great view when you get to the top and then you get to enjoy nature. It’s also a part of the BYU cultural experience,” Kelly Bluth said.

    2. Rock Canyon – No, this isn’t Rock Canyon Park, where every Provo YSA ward has opening social activities in the fall. The trailhead to Rock Canyon begins about half a mile directly behind the Provo Temple on 2300 North. This 5-mile hike is easier than Y-Mountain, showcasing great scenery, rock climbing hot spots and even a few caves, if you can find them. The trailhead forks to another trail which leads you up to famed Squaw Peak.

    3. Stewart Falls – One of the most scenic hikes in Utah County, the Stewart Falls trail is an easy 3.5-mile round-trip that takes you to the base of a 200-foot waterfall on the backside of Mt. Timpanogos. It takes most people about an hour to reach the falls, where you can relax and cool off in a stream or shower in the falls. The trailhead is located about 13 miles from the mouth of Provo Canyon.

    Hiking on these three trails is a great way to spend time with friends, get exercise and explore Utah scenery. To learn about more trails in Utah, visit

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