Fasting for a purpose


The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated 17 percent of the U.S. population, at some point in the last year, did not have sufficient funds to buy enough food to stay healthy.  David Perry, chairman of Feed America Day, created “Fasting for Friends” providing a way for people to help with Utah hunger.

Feed America Day, created ten years ago, has nearly 6 million participants every year. The Utah Food bank encourages all BYU fans to beat University of Utah fans in “Tackle Hunger” food drive in an attempt to fill every seat in the stadium with enough food to help those in need this holiday season.

“The concept is simple and something that Latter-day Saints are very familiar with,” Perry said. “We are taking that concept and applying it in a secular venue.”

Perry said if the world participated in fasting for two meals and then contributed the money that would have been spent to their local charity or church, the money would be enough to cover Utah hunger.

The national average for two meals per person is between $6 to $8.

Perry said the amount donated is a personal decision but he encourages all that can donate to give a generous amount.

From now until Thanksgiving, anybody wanting to participate can fast for two meals and give the donation to a church or charity of their choice.

“We, as Orem city council members, fully support and encourage all to participate in Feed America Day,” Evans said. “One way of showing our gratitude is by helping others that stand in need.”

Other political leaders involved in this statement include Bob Bennett, Orrin Hatch, Harry Reid and Tom Udall.

Perry said in the state of Utah alone there is enough people living below the poverty level to fill  LaVell Edwards Stadium–63,000 seats.

From Nov. 11 to 26, drop off non-perishable food in bins across campus and select Provo locations. Participants can donate money at the BYU Bookstore, BYU Cougareat, BYU Creameries and local businesses. Donors can also participate online at

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