Word to the Ys: October 14


“I don’t know what you’d call dancing with chainsaws, but we have that too.” — Derryl Yeager, founder of Odyssey Dance Theatre and artistic director of “Thriller,” on the popular show’s diversity.

“The illiterate are the most challenging demographic to write for and I’d have to say I’ve largely given up on them.” — James Littlejohn, BYU grad and author of “The Pusher,” a humorous new young adult novel.

“If you’re not in a club, you’re not in BYU.” — Joel Mehan, executive director of BYUSA clubs, on the importance of students participating in clubs on campus.

“I would recommend trying it … but watch out for the smell.” — Angela Mills, a stay-at-home mom who tried the new trend of washing one’s hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

“Whatever you guys have in the water there is definitely something worth drinking a little bit of.” — Ben Folds, judge on NBC’s “The Sing-Off,” on how much BYU’s Vocal Point has impressed him.

“This is not just a handout. You teach them how to fish.” — Brad Bishop, executive director of the Utah County office, on the Rural Housing Development Program, which offers low interest loans and no down payments to families building homes as long as the families put in at least 35 hours a week themselves working on the homes.

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