General Conference (Priesthood session): Elder Jeffrey R. Holland


Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke candidly to the priesthood body, inviting them to take missionary work more seriously.

“Brethren … I am looking tonight for men young and old who care enough about this battle between good and evil to sign on and speak up,” Elder Holland said.

Elder Holland compared missionary work to a sporting event, where the game is close and victory means everything.

“…you cannot play for the adversary whenever temptation comes along, then expect to suit up for the Savior at the temple and mission time as if nothing has happened,” Elder Holland said.

He went on to invite the  Aaronic Priesthood to “get active and get clean,” and said that if the numbers of missionaries were to increase, it would have to come from young men who are currently members of the Aaronic Priesthood.

Elder Holland also invited the Melchizedek Priesthood brethren to serve more missions, reminding them of a new housing assistance program the church created earlier this year.

The assistance program supplements couple’s housing expenses if the cost exceeds a predetermined amount per month.

“This is heaven-sent assistance toward the single largest expense our couples face on their missions,” Elder Holland said.

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